Parnerships & Collaborations

Two Sun has been in manufacturing for nearly two decades and was founded by two classmates who had a passion for cutlery and design. Today, Two Sun works with some of the industries most talented designers who come from all over the globe. Two Sun products are well sought after and are known for high-quality manufacturing, unique designs, and affordable prices.  

Link:Two Sun Knives

Williams Cutlery has enjoyed a rich history as a retailer in the Bay Area. The orginal store was founded in San Francisco in 1890 and quickly expanded to several other store locations throughout the Bay Area. Today, Williams Cutlery is independantly owned and operated and its San Jose store has proudly served the community for over 60 years! They are one of the last remaining Brick'n Mortar knife shops in the Bay Area that offers an extensive product selection and outstanding service!

Link: Williams Cutlery San Jose

Tobin Smith is a custom knife maker who has always had a fascination with knives, and has the scars to prove it!  He became serious about making knives in 2006 and has continually developed his craft since then. Today he specializes in both folding and fixed blade knives. Much of his work is done completely by hand.


"If I didn't enjoy it so much, I probably wouldn't make knives, as it's a time-consuming, tedious, and an addicting undertaking."  Tobin is one of the greatest talents that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Link: Tobin Smith Blades

Osborne Custom Knives

Richard Osborne is a customer knife maker who specialzes in unique fixed blades. His interest in knives started at the age of 13 where he started working in his fathers tool and die shop. He would make knives out of old, discarded files. Richard spent the next 40 years building dies, fixtures, tooling/ injection molds, and knives in his spare time. Richard is now a full time maker and gets great enjoyment from his work, and is one of the most sought after craftsman for custom knives.

Link: Osborne Knives